Call for panel and paper proposals for the 5th ECPR Graduate Student Conference 3-5 July 2014, Innsbruck

S13 Section: Media and Politics–New Horizons in Political Communication

The media are one of the, if not the, most important source of information for both voters and political actors. They enable the public sphere within which the involved actors can interact and are an essential part of numerous political processes in a broad sense. However, in recent years more research has been conducted that aimed at understanding the influence of the media also on the political process as a whole, policy outcome and the individual political actors. This section aims to cover the wide range of aspects of the media-politics interaction under the umbrella term of “Media and Politics”. For example in the following areas:

  • Media effects on voters and politicians, as well as policy outcomes
  • Influences of the new (social) media on voters and politics in a broad sense
  • Campaigns and Voting Advice Applications (VAAs)
  • Agenda-setting and framing research
  • Personalization and mediatization of politics

Panel and paper proposals should not be limited to the above areas of research. Submissions advancing the field, for example by taking on a comparative perspective or taking a new (methodological) approach to studying the media-politics relationship, are strongly encouraged. We welcome empirical as well as a theoretical proposals which inform our discussion of the relationship between media and politics. Deadline: 20/01.

More info here.

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