Since 2015, the ECREA Political Communication Section awards scholars with with a Best Abstract Award. This is determined by the highest reviewer score for a submission to the Political Communication Section at general conferences and bi-annual meetings.

Best Abstract Award

2022 (Aarhus)

Olga Pasitselska (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 
“We are humans, first of all”: Constructing and renegotiating audiences’ identities in conflict discourse.

2021 (Braga)

Christian Baden, Tali Aharoni, Maximilian Overbeck, Moran Avital & Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt (Hebrew U Jerusalem)
Anchoring uncertain futures: How voters anticipate the implications of collective political choices

Svetlana Bodrunova (U St. Petersburg State), Anna Litvinenko (FU Berlin) & Ivan Blekanov (U St. Petersburg)
Communicative aggression as a baking agent of polemics? Aggressive speech and the dynamics of political discussion on the Russian Youtube

Edina Strikovic, Rens Vliegenthart, Toni G.L.A. van der Meer & Linda Bos (U Amsterdam)
Politicians and the people: trends in press and parliamentary data

2021 (Bucharest)

Jakub Jakubowski (U Poznan) and Filip Biały (U Poznan)
Spreading the (misinformation) disease. Discourse in the web portals and political decision-making during COVID-19 pandemic and 2020 presidential campaign in Poland

2019 (Poznan)

Edda Humprecht (U of Zurich), Frank Esser (U of Zurich) & Peter Van Aelst (U of Antwerp)
Resilience to Online Disinformation: A Framework for Cross-National Comparative Research

2018 (Lugano)

Mark Blach-Ørsten, Ida Willig and Eva Mayerhöffer (U Roskilde) f
From spin to political PR – A career analysis of the spin doctors of ’Borgen’ from 2000 to 2017.

2017 (Zurich)

Melanie Magin (U Trondheim), Pascal Jürgens (U Mainz), Birgit Stark (U Mainz)
In Search of Echo Chambers. How Information Intermediaries Influence Political Opinion Formation

2016 (Prague)

Carlos Brenes Peralta, Magdalena Wojciezak, Yptach Lelkes, and Claes. H. de Vreese (U Amsterdam)
Desired vs. Correct Conclusion: The Motivated Selection of Balanced Content

2015 (Odense)

Timo Lochocki (HU Berlin)
The Unstoppable Far Right? How established parties’ communication of European affairs affects the electoral advances of right populist parties.

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